IMX Disposable Supplies

IMX Disposable Supplies Is our unit dedicated to providing high-quality, custom disposable products that are both eco-friendly and efficient in their use and disposal. Our product range includes a wide variety of disposable items, all designed with the perfect balance between functionality and environmental responsibility. From food packaging to complementary products, each item is selected with the aim of minimizing our environmental impact.

Proveedor de Insumos Consumo Interno | Indimex Trading

Secure and Sustainable Sourcing

Our Solution

With a forward-looking vision, IMX Disposable Supplies offers sourcing solutions that not only meet the current needs of our clients but also promote a positive environmental impact.

Every project begins with thorough market research and a detailed analysis of the specific needs of our clients. This involves understanding market trends, customer demands, and the particular challenges they face in their respective industries.

Once the client’s needs are understood, the project objectives are clearly defined, and specific strategies are developed to achieve them. This involves setting measurable goals and creating a detailed action plan to guide all project activities.

Based on the defined objectives and strategies, customized solutions are implemented to meet the unique needs of the client. This may include selecting global suppliers, optimizing customs processes, efficient logistics management, and any other services necessary for the project’s success.

Throughout the project, continuous monitoring and control are conducted to ensure that deadlines, budgets, and quality standards are met. This involves conducting regular progress reviews and making adjustments as needed to ensure the project’s success.

Open and constant communication is maintained with the client at all stages of the project. This involves regularly reporting on progress, addressing any concerns or changes in requirements, and ensuring that the client is satisfied with the results achieved.

At each stage of the project, thorough evaluations are conducted to identify lessons learned and areas for improvement. This involves analyzing the results obtained, seeking client feedback, and adjusting internal processes as necessary to ensure continuous improvement in the quality and efficiency of future projects.

Disposable Supplies Portfolio

What Sets Us Apart?

Contracts and Supply

We operate under well-structured annual contracts that include semi-annual price reviews to stay aligned with market dynamics and our clients' preferences. These agreements ensure a continuous and reliable supply, guaranteeing that our clients always have what they need, when they need it.

Constant Innovation

At Indimex Trading, innovation is key. We are constantly exploring new technologies and materials that can enhance the efficiency and sustainability of our disposable products, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry.

Environmental Responsibility

Our unit is not only focused on product supply but also deeply committed to sustainable practices. We work tirelessly to minimize our environmental impact, ensuring that each product not only meets quality expectations but also contributes to a greener future.

Enduring and Profitable Partnerships

Our main goal is to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships. We focus on identifying and maximizing market opportunities to increase the contribution margin for our partners, ensuring superior quality products.

Business Units

IMX Disposable Supplies

A business unit specialized in supplying sustainable disposable supplies, catering to the growing demand for products classified for internal consumption.


IMX FMCG Brand & Product Development

A business unit specialized in the development of brands and products in commercial partnership with Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies.


Indimex Med

Unidad de negocio enfocada en la comercialización al por mayor de medicamentos, tanto controlados como no controlados, con alto enfoque en ventas gubernamentales.


Our Clientes

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